About our LMS Solution

Scalable learning solutions

  • Wishtree thrive on the delivery of the best service and quality using the best LMS platforms
  • Learning management software for the small, medium & large enterprises in the global market.
  • Effortless implementation of your training programs using a mobile application.
  • We propose the best technologies for the implementation of LMS systems

LMS technologies we use

  • The eLearning solutions are powered by Moodle, Open edX, and LearnDash technologies
  • Implement the highly reliable technologies for its secure, robust, and feature-rich integrated systems
  • Works on any device
  • Integrate third-party tools and extensions of your choice

Benefits for learners and trainers

  • Equip your employees with unlimited potential for training and learning purposes
  • Our custom LMS development offerings always put the organizations on the front foot
About our LMS Solution

How custom LMS development boosts the growth of your organization?

Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap

We are aimed to provide a comprehensive business case analysis of your eLearning needs and recognize the possible gaps which are hindering the learning process. Furthermore, our expert advisors will plan out long-term LMS solutions with detailed learner roadmaps. Offer the best experience of our best LMS systems for smartphones, desktops, tablets, and even smartwatches.

Productivity Acceleration

Productivity Acceleration

Boost the productivity of your teams using the eLearning systems and enhance the skills of your employees. Create and manage the enhanced learning experience with help of video-conferencing, online courses, podcasts, workshops, and on-demand content libraries. The skills gained through such a platform can boost overall efficiency and increase knowledge retention.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Take your eLearning workflow to the next level thanks to our business automation offerings. Get cutting-edge user and course management, easy-to-use scheduling, and a real-time success tracking system. The authoring tools provided are powerful to perform content management and localization thanks to the automatic translation features.

State-of-an-art learning experience

State-of-an-art learning experience

The learning experience of your resources can’t get better than turning the educational courses into a part of interactive games. The integration of 2D and 3D graphics and hyper-personalized course endorsements can enhance learner interaction and help in knowledge retention for longer period.

Unlock the possibilities

Unlock the possibilities

The learning management software can increase education availability. Expand the reach of your knowledge sharing methods and connect with your overseas branches or simply connect with employees and students living thousands of miles away from you in remote areas.

Cut down the training costs

Cut down the training costs

The distance learning programs can lower the costs of appointment, onboarding, serving, training, and retaining the on-site training experts. Automating the user onboarding, assessment and certification can bring down the training costs. Money saved is money earned, isn’t it?

Who can benefit from LMS?

  • Startups










LMS is ideal for organizations of any size, goal, and monetary capability. Developing an entire system from scratch can be time and resource-consuming; however, the business purpose can be achieved by implementing an open-source LMS platform such as Moodle, Open edX, or JoomlaLMS and customize its functionality.

Wishtree has provided the best learning management system for businesses from the USA, UK, Germany, and many other countries.

Wishtree proposes three LMS solutions technologies for businesses

  • LearnDash
  • Moodle
  • Open edX


LearnDash is a learning management software that can be utilized on WordPress. This can be installed as a plugin in your WordPress installation. It is trusted as one of the best LMS systems by the leading startups, universities, bloggers, small to mid-size organizations, and entrepreneurs across the world.

  • Back End:

    Wordpress Wordpress
  • Database:

  • Server:

    Apache Apache


Moodle is another best learning management system available as open-source software. Anyone can utilize the Moodle resources without any licensing fees and stay cost-effective. While being open-source software, the custom LMS development created on Moodle is robust, secure and fully flexible, and scalable according to the need.

  • Back End:

  • Database:

    MongoDB MongoDB
  • Server:

    Apache Apache

Open edX

Open edX is the best LMS platform powered by the ever-growing community of research teams, developers, users, and technology providers. The platform is available for Android, iOS, and desktops. The customization functionality of this platform allows you to enhance the learning experience with personalized branding features.

  • Back End:

    Python Python
  • Database:


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