Welcome to our redesigned website. We are so much excited to share with you our brand new website: https://www.wishtreetech.com.

You can notice a clean design that is more visually appealing, offers streamlined menus, and features simple, user-friendly navigation, which combines to create an even better user experience. Throughout the process of developing the new web page, it has been our goal to create an informative, inviting, and user-friendly experience.

So what’s new?

The theme of our new website is entirely different from our old site. On the Homepage, we have created separate sections for our clients, partnership, Industries, testimonials, blogs, case studies, and much more. We have added sub-menus for about us, services, technologies, resources, and Industries pages. It will help you to get a clear understanding of who we are, the services offered by us, technologies used, and Industries we are catering to. We have added many new pages and changed the overall design of all existing pages.  

We encourage you to take a look around and explore the redesigned site. If you experience problems using the new website or if you have feedback, please contact us at info@wishtreetech.com. We hope you enjoy browsing the new site and learning more about everything Wishtree has to offer. We also have lots of exciting content coming up ahead. Stay tuned! 

About Wishtree

Wishtree is an IT Services company that works with both SMEs including Small Business Website Design Companies and large organizations. Wishtree delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help global companies to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Wishtree Technologies clientele includes The World Bank Group, UNDP, IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, 3ie, Global Development Network, Vodafone, Infosys, and Amdocs to name a few.

Our Contact:

Wishtree Technologies
Ahmedabad & Pune, India