Empowering nonprofits to create and accelerate positive, amplified and sustained impact

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At Wishtree Technologies, we understand the role of nonprofit organizations worldwide in transforming the world for the better. To make the desired impact, we leverage our expertise and experience in technology to enhance every activity and operation, ensuring effective and practical solutions that are constituent-centric and innovative to the core.



Value Addition


Amplified reach and accelerated impact

Our work with nonprofits elevates their digital footprint and our technology solutions simplify their online presence, digital reach and makes them relevant and accessible to the stakeholders.


Customized and Consultative Engagements

Our flexible and cost-effective engagement models combined with robust technical know-how in devising domain-specific solutions serves us in good stead to become preferred and sought after tech solution partners for nonprofit organizations.


Streamlining strategy and operations through digital transformation

We empower nonprofits to streamline their workflows through seamless digital transformation interventions, backed by technologies and solutions that are relevant for decades.


Analytical and data-backed insights

We drive efficiency and effectiveness in daily operations through our solutions which allow nonprofits to measure outputs and outcomes along with insights through innovative data collection tools, analytics and intuitive visualizations.

Services Offered

We help our nonprofits clients build websites, portals, record database applications, content management systems, feedback sites, policy databases, learning management systems, reporting systems, and more.


Data Collection And Data Visualisation

Visualizing your data will help nonprofits engage stakeholders, draw informed decisions and plan for amplified impact. Wishtree is adept in developing groundbreaking data collection systems through web and mobile applications and complementing them with highly intuitive data visualization dashboards.


Knowledge Dissemination Platforms

Wishtree has successfully developed knowledge acquisition and disseminations systems for various nonprofit organizations and understands the vital role these systems play in buttressing the nonprofit operations by acquiring, storing and making the knowledge easily accessible.


Impact Evaluation Systems

Monitoring, Measuring and Evaluating impact is extremely paramount for nonprofits to allow them to improve or reorient their interventions and to make informed decisions. Wishtree understands the central nature of impact evaluations in the nonprofit ecosystem and empowers organizations to undertake impact evaluation through technology driven and consultative approach.


Learning Management Systems

Wishtree has demonstrated expertise in designing and developing LMS systems which have been instrumental in educating their staff, members, constituents, clients and volunteers and subsequently allow these stakeholders to better understand their roles at the organization and furthering the mission objectives.


Grant Management Systems

Wishtree has over the years developed Grant Management Systems (GMS) which have allowed these nonprofits to effectively research, apply for, collect, and manage grants.


Custom Development

Wishtree development teams have unparalleled experience and expertise when it comes to developing bespoke solutions for nonprofits to automate their business workflows, optimizing processes and accelerating overall impact through groundbreaking out-of-box solutions technology solutions.

Why Wishtree?

11+ Years

11+ Years

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150+ Experts

150+ Experts

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500+ Software

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Awarded Best SME

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Hybrid Delivery


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120+ Clients