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Wishtree is looking for business partners worldwide to form long-lasting and fruitful alliances and use technology for good. We aim to work with like-minded individuals and organizations who can help us make a positive impact on the frontlines through their sales and marketing expertise. 

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Currently, India stands as a major powerhouse for custom software development and full-stack product development outsourcing. The global markets becoming knowledge and data-centric have witnessed India evolving and setting new milestones to become the first choice for experience-based services. At Wishtree, we believe in constant learning and improving, and we make sure that we impart the same for our customers to thrive in this competitive market. 

The customers, team members, and partners form the crux of Wishtree. Keeping in mind our goal to serve customers with the best, we are constantly searching for like-minded business partners. We welcome all kinds and sizes of established companies, startups, and standalone consultants with a strong foothold in the industry. These organizations can be adept in custom software development, or in mobile and web app development, or in IoT and AI. 

Why go for Wishtree’s partnership program?

Since its inception in 2010, Wishtree has demonstrated significant exponential growth owing to an extremely experienced team of developers and designers who incorporate a unique offshore outsourcing process called the Hybrid Delivery Model. The hybrid delivery model is Wishtree’s in-house discovery built in our live-wire labs. Until now, the company has more than 700 mobile, web apps, and custom software developed and more in progress. 

  • Wishtree provides a comprehensive suite of offshore software development services; including app development to software and game development as well as tech consulting and digital transformation services
  • Years of extensive experience in custom software development has helped us enormously in delivering a quality product and world-class services to our customers.
  • A strong and supportive team of 100+ professionals who aim to provide their 100% in making your product a success. 
  • We’re the one-stop solution for your digital and technology transformation.
  • We follow and meet all sustainable development goals set by authorities, all the while adopting a personalized customer-centric approach to fulfill your expectations.
  •  We’re committed to implementing the hybrid delivery model which focuses on providing value to customers while they attend to managing their business operations. 

We want partners with whom we can share the same vision to empower businesses with the latest technology and better practices. We want organizations that can be our true partners in this quest. 

Your Marketing & Sales Expertise + Wishtree’s Technology Expertise 

Our goal is to combine Wishtree’s international brand value along with technology and domain expertise with your marketing skills and geographical outreach. This would ensure a win-win partnership model combined with symbiotic growth and profitability through an expanded customer base globally. 

We look forward to partnering with established software development companies, independent sales, and marketing experts as well as exciting technology start-ups. Catch a glimpse of how a partnership with Wishtree would work for your benefit: 

The methodology we intend to follow for this format is as follows:

  • Your sales and marketing expertise will bring in new customers for both organizations.
  • Wishtree will take care of the entire development processes of the project while ensuring the product quality and adhering to your country’s regulations if any.
  • We follow all the protocols needed for a win-win agreement and make sure that both the organizations involved get their fair share of profits and revenue.

For any partnership to be a complete win-win, the efforts, strengths, and weaknesses have to be mutual. And that’s what we look and aim for in any partnership we begin. We are always looking out for long term benefits for both the parties involved in an alliance.  

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We are determined to extend and sustain our partnership with those who are ready to meet industry-driven challenges with a customer-driven approach along with us.

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10+ Years

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