What did we do for the client?

The Mysa School needed to utilize a combination of experiential and mastery-based methods. Teachers should be able to individualize each student’s academic program in all subject areas by using the application. The system should allow students to experience choice and flexibility in what they learn, the process of learning, and how they demonstrate understanding at the expected grade levels.

Wishtree envisioned an intuitive Learning Information Management System which allows students to choose the academic areas and the grade level at which they want to study a subject area and allow teachers to customize individualized curriculums. The extensie data provides the stakeholders opportunities to perform analysis and the compelling visualizations allow students, parents and teachers to track the academic progress and make future academic planning.

MYSA - screen 2 MYSA - screen 1

Technology used

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Database


  • React JS

    React JS

  • Javascripts



  • Node JS

    Node JS

  • GraphQL


  • Typescript


  • Redis BE

    Redis BE


  • PostgreSQL


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11+ Years

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