What did we do for the World Bank?

Wishtree collaborated with The World Bank Group in developing MyIE, a web-based database management system. The objective of MyIE is to serve as a record maintenance system for all DIME evaluations, and potentially to record all the impact evaluation work of The World Bank.

Made with the latest technology stack, the portal consisted of 200 indicators on the impact evaluation profiles, statuses, designs and data collection. It also monitors the quality of these indicators, maintains counterpart details, it’s influence on the programs and policies as well as full-fledged documentation.

What makes the system unique is that it facilitates seamless management of the DIME IE portfolio, and allows users to generate customized reports on different variables (cost, timeline, analytical design, data collection and geographical area). We developed MyIE to identify gaps and issues, and indicate how IE products can contribute to the development practices in an effective way. The system we designed collects relevant data on how IEs play their part in project design, support capacity building and influence external projects. This is what helps MyIE identify opportunities to improve policy decisions and focus more on research with “impact”.

For teams, MyIE acts as a knowledge tool for teams. We also provided limited public access to the system to unregistered users for obtaining aggregated descriptive statistics and documentation for completed evaluations.

web-2-1 myie-dashboard

Technology used

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Database
  • Hosting platform or services


  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

  • Javascripts


  • BootStrap


  • JQuery


  • Datatables


  • HighCharts


  • JSP



  • Java


  • Spring


  • Mongo API

    Mongo API

  • Tomcat



  • MongoDB


Hosting platform or services

  • AWS - EC2

    AWS - EC2

  • Ubuntu 18.04

    Ubuntu 18.04

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