We’re in the age of information and it is but obvious that businesses now have access to anenormous and ever growing amount of data. But it doesn’t always make sense. It is more like a super power, the kind that works only when you know how to use it well. Once treated and transformed into useful information, data can serve as a superpower for increasing differentiation, boosting performance and creating value. We are here to offer our services to you and let you use our unique expertise to treat and maximize the value of your data at every step, right up to the launch of your business intelligence system. As more and more people (read potential customers) move online and increasing numbers of connected objects emerge, your business will need solutions for collecting, treating and analyzing key data. Wishtree offers different methods and solutions to boost your performance and specializes in the fields of Big Data, Fast Data and Business Intelligence.

The Tools

This are just a few of the weapons we have in our armoury which help us find key insights and make sense out of raw data. That couple with the Ninja like minds in our team help businesses maximise the potential of their data.

  • Tableau
  • Oracle BI
  • Qlikview
  • Spotfire
  • Hadoop
  • Redis


Business Impact

The possibilities of what you can discover from a whole bunch of data are endless. However there are certain things that are bound to happen once we decode the data into information critical to business.

  • Moving you closer to the consumer
  • Improving collaboration through the value chain
  • Developing insights from your organization
  • Promoting a demand-driven organization


Wishtree Approach

Apart from the secret ingredient, we follow a proven approach to problem solving

  • Leverage our proof of concepts and learning labs
  • Use sequencing around stated value
  • Apply analytics to operating models and talent strategies
  • Create innovative enablement approaches