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With hands on experience, AngularJS Development Company Wishtree can provide AngularJS development services for all suitable web application. AngularJS is an extension to HTML syntax which simplifies the entire process of application development. It also works well with other libraries and thus is the perfect option when features of the application need to be customized as per the business requirement.

What is AngularJS Framework?

AngularJS is a JavaScript extension which can be added to a HTML page using <script> tag. Maintained by Google, it is a toolset used for building the framework required to develop applications consisting model-view-controller (MVC) potentiality.

Some of the benefits of using AngularJS Development for developing web or mobile applications include –

  • Minimizes development time due to its model view controller (MVC) pattern
  • Having 2-way data binding, it becomes easy to develop real-time applications
  • Consisting of directives which can build custom widgets
  • Localization and Internationalization possible
  • Ease of testing as it Includes built-in unit testing and end-to-end testing environment
  • Allows to develop Rich Internet Application (RIA) with minimum coding
  • HTML vocabulary supported
  • Provides HTML components which can be reused
  • Enables easy and speedy development
  • Flexible enough to filter data
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) for the client side application has made it a favorable technology for frontend development

AngularJS Development Services by Wishtree

Wishtree being an experienced web & mobile app development company has gained comprehensive grasp over AngularJS technology, By implementing this technology for many of our clients, we have got hands-on experience in developing perfectly structured AngularJS web & mobile apps with the compelling user interface.

A perfect blend of efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness, our wide range of AngularJS development services include –

Custom Web/Mobile App Development

We are proficient at creating tailor-made and scalable AngularJS applications. Doesn’t matter whether it is for web or mobile, we can develop apps which can work on any platform or device. Let us know your idea, and we can convert that into a feature-rich app which grows with your business.

eCommerce Web/Mobile App Development

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience by making use of AngularJS in your eCommerce website/mobile application. Its powerful UI controls, which has ability to bind two-way complex data with best architectural design. Our team of experienced AngularJS Programmers can deliver high-performance eCommerce web/mobile apps which can yield maximum conversions and profits for your online business.

Social Networking Apps

Get an attractive user interface for your social networking app by using our AngularJS development services for social networking apps. Our expert AngularJS Developers ensure that your social networking app is developed as per the latest trends.

Enterprise Level Web App Development

Using the latest AngularJS version in our enterprise level web app development, we ensure to streamline all the processes in your organization resulting in boosting boost productivity in your business.

Real-Time App Development

Angularfire or Socket are used to develop remarkable real-time apps like IM and Livechat. Ensure that your web/mobile application has compelling UI providing a user-friendly experience by leveraging our world-class real-time app development services.

Migration Services

Want to migrate your AngularJS application to the latest version without losing any data or disturbing any of the features? Just let us know, as our AngularJS developers are experts in delivering migration services using this technology.

AngularJS Consultation Services

If you are perplexed with the idea of which technology to use for your web/mobile app or any enterprise software, we are here to assist you with the benefits of using AngularJS for your next project. Just get in touch with us, our AngularJS consultants are ready to help you.

Why hire Wishtree ’s AngularJS Developer from all AngularJS Development Companies?


Having experience of developing a plethora of web/mobile apps using diverse technologies. Our AngularJS Developer have gained expertise in developing a remarkable AngularJS project which can be a key reason behind your accelerating business ROI.


Quality is our prime concern. Our dedicated quality control team is responsible for delivering 100% flawless AngularJS applications that deliver unmatchable user experience.

Global Reach

Regardless of where you are located and what your requirements are. We are globally available to fulfill the expectations of our clients. Our 24/7 available team of experts has helped us to widespread our global reach serve clients located around the world.

Staying Updated

Due to regular staff training and brainstorming meetings, we ensure that our team of developers, designers, and project managers stay updated with the latest technology to deliver outstanding results to our clients.


Whether you need to delegate an AngularJS project to us or hire an AngularJS developer on an hourly or monthly basis, we are flexible enough to work out as per your convenience. Get in touch with us for your unique AngularJS requirement, and we would suggest the best for you.

Client Testimonials

"Wishtree has provided a variety of Custom Software Services including web application development, API integration, web services, and development and maintenance of several websites. They are highly skilled at recognizing issues and solving them in a timely manner – often before the customers notice any problem. They typically present us with several well-thought-out options, complete with pros and cons, to help us understand our choices and the implications of those choices."

Nicole Yankelovich,
CEO, Envisiture Consulting
Nicole Yankelovich

"Wishtree has really helped move our company forward throughout the years. Wishtree's qualities and work ethic underpinned this successful transition. We started our engagement with Wishtree with a small web application in 2011. They are now managing all our web and mobile solutions including an online webstore, mobile app, and a complex customized Retail Proposal Tool for installing contractors. Wishtree has a firm grasp of technical skillsets and modern technologies. Wishtree is also highly skilled a recognizing issue and solving them in a timely fashion. I also recommend Wishtree technologies in any project that involves complexity, tough time constraints, or high-quality requirements."

Chuck York,
HVAC Product Manager, Johnson Supply
Chuck York

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