Duration : 40 hours

Course Overview

This course has been designed to act as your first step towards achieving success as an Essbase professional. This will provide a firm foundation in basic database planning and development. You will also learn to create a database outline, load data into the database, and analyze data with Smart View. You will also learn to create calculation scripts (to calculate data for different scenarios) and perform advanced analysis on the database by implementing varying attribute dimensions and typed measures.

Course Content

Boot Camp

  • Essbase Overview
  • Designing Applications and Databases
  • Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions
  • Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions
  • Planning Dimension Designs
  • Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files
  • Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files
  • Loading Data
  • Getting Started with Smart View
  • Creating Reports with Smart View
  • Data Storage and Calculation
  • Creating Calculation Scripts
  • Controlling the Calculation Process
  • Referencing Members in Calculations
  • Analyzing Member Attributes
  • Analyzing Varying Attributes
  • Analyzing Text and Dates

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