Duration : 40 hours
Prerequisites :
– Basic Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 skills
– Basic accounting concepts
– Basic Microsoft Windows skills

Course Overview

This course will teach you how to create and manage applications using Financial Management. You will learn to create application metadata and deploy applications, load data from external system, secure data, translate and consolidate data, and manage the review process.

Course Content

Create and Manage Application

  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Navigating in Financial Management
  • Managing Dimensions with Performance Management Architect
  • Loading Metadata from a File
  • Creating and Deploying Applications
  • Configuring Accounts and Custom Dimensions
  • Setting Up Entities, Calendars, and Scenarios
  • Loading Data
  • Entering Data Using Data Grids
  • Creating Member Lists in Financial Management
  • Managing Rules With Calculation Manager
  • Provisioning Users and Groups
  • Assigning Access to Data and Documents
  • Creating Data Forms
  • Creating Task Lists in Financial Management
  • Entering Intercompany Data
  • Adjusting Data with Journals
  • Running Consolidations
  • Managing the Review Cycle Using Process Management
  • Sharing Data Using Data Synchronization
  • Analyzing Data Using Smart View

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