Duration : 24 hours
Prerequisites :
– Basic Microsoft Windows skills
– Basic Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 skills
– Basic accounting concepts

Course Overview

This course teaches you how to enter, view, consolidate, and manage your financial information in Financial Management. You will also learn to enter and view data, and create and enter journal entries and inter-company transactions.

Course Content

For Interactive Users

  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Navigating Financial Management
  • Entering Data in Data Grids
  • Loading and Extracting Data
  • Entering Data in Data Forms
  • Adjusting Data with Journals
  • Processing and Reporting Journals
  • Eliminating Intercompany Balances
  • Running Consolidations
  • Managing the Review Cycle with Process Management
  • Analyzing Data with Smart View
  • Entering Data Using Data Forms in Smart View
  • Analyzing Data with Smart View Functions
  • Navigating Financial Reports in Workspace
  • Navigating Financial Reporting Studio
  • Creating Basic Reports
  • Formatting Cells and Grids
  • Creating Report Objects
  • Adding Text Functions
  • Creating Books with Multiple Reports

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