Duration : 60 hours
Prerequisites : Java

Course Overview

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Business Works is among the leading service creation, orchestration, and integration technology available in the market today. It is not only being used by over 1000 companies worldwide but is also the foundation for several of the largest service-oriented business applications in production today. This technology enables companies to build new services, and orchestrate and assemble services into applications with surprisingly little or no coding. Built to run natively with other ActiveMatrix products, it enables you to start small and add other capabilities to your SOA as you need them.

We can help you implement services, composite applications, and integration with very little or no coding by training you and your employees on how to expertly combine packaged functionality for integration, service development, and service orchestration and also increase your ROI manifold!

Course Content

BW Palette Reference

  • File Palette
  • JDBC Palette
  • SOAP Palette
  • WSDL Palette
  • XML Palette
  • Parse Palette
  • General Activity Palette
  • General Palette
  • JMS Palette
  • Java palette
  • RV Palette
  • HTTP Palette
  • Process Palette
  • XML Activity Palette
  • Service Palette

TIBCO Desinger

  • Getting started with TIBCO Designer
  • Activities
  • Transition and Condition
  • Groups
  • Working with Variables
  • XPath
  • Error Handling
  • Transactions

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