Duration : 3 days
Prerequisites : Java

Course Overview

TIBCO BusinessEvents is an event processing platform which will help you quickly build distributed, stateful, rule-based event processing systems to support instant decision-making and instant actions. With TIBCO BusinessEvents, you can correlate and find the important events in a deluge of data, minimize decision latency, and respond in the moment to bring a favorable business outcome. Consider augmenting your traditional business intelligence or big data strategy with real-time intelligence.

Course Content

TIBCO – Business Events

  • Introduction to Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Context-based Decisions in Operations
  • Example of Union Pacific Railways
  • Introduction to TIBCO BusinessEvents(BE)
  • Concepts of BE
  • Introduction to Events
  • Types of Events
  • ACK of Events
  • Channels
  • Design Time components and Run Time components
  • Rules and Functions
  • Testing using built-in debugger
  • Query Engine
  • Inference Engine
  • Dashboard Engines
  • Concepts and Scorecards
  • Rule Inferencing and Agenda
  • Forward Chaining
  • How to work with Query Agents
  • Score Card
  • State Machine
  • Generating XML Schemas
  • Concept Relation Ships
  • Object Management
  • Usage of Coherence Function
  • What is the difference between Cache Only and Cache+Memory
  • Prepare Rule Management Server( RMS) Project
  • Working with Decision Manager
  • Working with BQL Engine
  • How to make Configurations of CACHE Management
  • How to create ACL file for Decision manger
  • How to deploy Decision Tables on BE Engine like how to export Class file
  • How to Create Domain Model File like .dm files
  • Web service
  • Exporting BusinessEvents rules and rule functions
  • Timer Event
  • History Values Between Time Interval
  • Concept Relation Ships
  • Event Pattern Matcher
  • Deployment of BusinessEvents Solutions

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