Duration : 16 hours
Prerequisites : Java

Course Overview

When you build multi-level heterogeneous systems to provide IT business services, your machines and software absolutely need to keep running smoothly. The right Monitoring and Management systems can help you find and solve problems, and even prevent them.

TIBCO Hawk is a tool developed just for Monitoring and Managing distributed applications and processes. It uses Rule-Based Agents that identify exceptional events at source throughout the network – in applications and process data, databases, log files, operating systems – and can notify operations through alerts or take necessary actions to avoid failure or slowdown.

Course Content

TIBCO – Hawk

  • Hawk Architecture and Communications
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Hawk Display
  • Microagent, Methods and Alerts
  • Invoke Hawk Microagent Methods
  • Rule Base
  • Create a Rule
  • Execute rules
  • Email Alerts from Hawk
  • Advanced Rulebase Techniques
  • Rulebase Scheduling
  • Deployment of Rules
  • Hawk Event Services

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