Ever wondered what life would be like working from home? Surely sounds like a dream when you can avoid the hustle of the city trying to reach on time. Well, Remote working sounds right up that ally. Usually, when we think about Remote working, we visualize being in pyjamas while working on the laptop at our own will. Wishtree technologies partner, Dilip Bagrecha thinks otherwise.

“Even though remote working is becoming a norm, it’s still perceived to be a vague idea by some,” says Dilip. Actually, it’s more about how many tasks you accomplish during work time. According to a survey by Forbes magazine, about 95% of employers stated that teleworkers are more productive than the ones in the office.

On How Remote Working Is Good

“Even when not every person can stomach the concept of working from home, more people are seriously gravitating towards Remote Working.” According to Forbes, 50% Of the U.S. employees will be soon remote working. More people are embracing this method of working, and rightly so, as it’s convenient for both the employee and the employer.

“To able to remote work effectively, you may need these tips that might come handy,” offers Dilip.

· Make sure you stay professional while you work from home. It may get tempting to stay in bed and work in your pyjamas, but it is more effective if you get dressed properly and work on a desk. It helps with staying focused and getting the work done.

· It is important to set a proper time for work to stay attentive. It’s useful to have a task list by your side to check and refer to stay busy and have more work to look forward to.

· Avoid checking your Social media all the time. It’s a distraction and affects your line of thought. Turn your phone silent and stay focused, it might get tempting to peek now and then but it’s better to take regular little breaks to stay fresh.

· It is necessary to take a break from looking at screens to rest your eyes. Take scheduled lunch breaks every day to stay energized. Set a time to pack up your work too, it might get tempting to go over E-mails and keep checking your work but you need a break now and again to stay productive.

“Here is why Remote Working is so appealing to both, the employee and the employer,” explains Dilip.

· You can work around your schedule. The flexibility highly affects the productivity and ideas to be more refined which turns out as a win-win situation for both parties.

· You’ll save both time and money, the useless time spent on commuting can be used up for something important and lessens the sick days you take skipping work. It’s also a good way to make savings that you’ll have from avoiding the commute along with the lunch and coffee breaks.

· You can definitely learn more and be more independent when you’re on your own to look for the answers for all the questions, though you obviously can ask for help from your office whenever you’re stuck.

· You can be in touch with your team more effectively. For communicating you can always drop a message or have a video chat when you need to. When you do that, you only talk about the stuff that matters and save you time and energy, to say the least. The New York Times reported that employees who spend three to four days working offsite the most engaged with their teams.

· When you don’t have to be around people and the chatter that follows, you can get your work done in half the time and avoid gossip and office politics. This can be a great help for concentration and getting things done before schedule.

“The millennials are shaking up the working environment around the world with remote working and why not when it seems to be working out for all of us. It has been proven that the people who work from home are more productive than in-office workers.

“It’s phenomenal how fast the changes are taking place, It is widely embraced because the large cities with a high cost of living prefer this to go easier on the pockets for both the employee and the employer. There are some companies that don’t even operate through an office anymore. The flexibility part also plays a vital role to juggle the personal and the professional life that works for everyone.”

Dilip strongly believes that Remote working is the future and there is no way of stopping it. “There will come a time in the very near future when remote working will not be considered to be a growing concept, but a norm. Global Workplace Analytics Costs & Benefits survey shows that employees in a number of large companies are actually between 35-40% more productive than in their office. With tools that are available lately, it’s become much easier to work from home.

“The people who are remote working naturally feel like they have more control over their lives and thus, it’s proven to be such a hit among a lot of people. It may not be the rage right about now, but it’s surely gravitating towards a change that’s here to stay for good.”